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We design your dreams


Our Embroidery is the Best in Town
We collect patterns and motifs from all over the world and personalize them to fit your style. They are then meticulously handcrafted at Shrusara Fashion boutique, with fine finesse, for the perfect look.

With an embroidery needle, thread or yarn can be applied to fabrics and other materials to add embellishment. We at Shrusara curate patterns from around the world and personalize them based on your Desire & preferences.

That’s a lot of inspiration for embellishing any fabric with an enchanting look!


All Raw Materials, such as Beads, Stones, Laces, Trims, Fabric Gum, are of Export Quality. These materials will last a lifetime if finished in a fine finish.
We deliver all our products with a flawless finish to ensure a long-lasting result.

Unique Techniques

With our unique blend of traditional techniques and more contemporary methods, we create artwork that is both modern and original

High Standard of Craftsmanship

We have highly trained embroidery experts who use a variety of sewing techniques to create a variety of embroidery stitches.
We continuously train these experts on the latest embroidery techniques.
What makes you feel at Shrusara the Best Bridal Boutique….
Create your perfect outfit with personalized embroidery in your favorite colors, textures, richness, and dimensions, with trendy designs & patterns that suit your taste and preferences.